Leaders:  Mike Hawkrigg, Jon Cheesewright, Alf Branch, Pete Brough, Ruth Charlton, Stuart Kane, Paul Tyson.

Scouts is the oldest section at 1st Hensingham, our core ages are 10½ - 14.  We build on the adventures that you've had in Cubs with more exciting activities and challenges so that you're ready to move-on to Explorers.

We run a varied programme mixing traditional scouting and outdoor skills such as map reading, fire lighting, cooking and whittling with slightly more bizarre ideas like a "life auction" or making plant-pot catapults.  We try to make sure that there's plenty of adventure too - in the last year our scouts have been sailing, kayaking and canoeing, gone on an incident hike, been climbing at "clip'n'climb", gone ghyll scrambling and caving, and a whole host of other cool activities.  Camps are rated as some of the best things we do (by both the Scouts and the leaders) - there are normally at least three opportunities to go camping every year and we try to run more camps when we can.

If you're ready to take on the challenge of Scouts you'll join one of our two Scout Troops. Our Troops are names after mountains - Skiddaw Troop meet on Wednesday nights and Helvellyn Troop meet on Thursdays.  During term time, both Troops run from 7.00 to 9.00 pm and run the same programme of activites. With so much adventure to fit in we don't have time to stop, so during school Scout_ghyll_dive.pngholidays we run joint meetings for members of both Troops (this is often when we do some of our more adventurous activities).

When you join Scouts you'll become part of a small group of scouts called a Patrol.  Each Patrol is usually led by a Patrol Leader & supported by an Assistant Patrol Leader. Skiddaw Troop has Eagle, Falcon, Hawk, and Kestrel Patrols.  Hevellyn Troop has Badger, Otter, Stag, and Wolf Patrols.


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